Our mission

Buildings use close to half of the world's energy and the potential for improvement is significant. Until recently, energy efficiency has been a minor factor in a building's commercial value and, and consequently, very few buildings are optimized in this respect.

leaf Maximum comfort - minimum energy

In most situations around the world, saving energy in buildings is not just a simple matter of adding insulation. Roughly half of the energy used for buildings is used for cooling and, for this, increased insulation is rarely the best solution. Most of the unwanted heat enters as solar radiation, via electric lighting and office equipment. Some rooms in the same building will need cooling while simultaneously others need heat. The creation of maximum indoor comfort at minimum energy expense is a tricky affair that requires advanced engineering skills, methods and technologies.



leaf Most advanced BPS

Software for dynamical building performance simulation (BPS) is a key enabler in the creation of a more efficient building stock. Our goal is to provide our users with the most advanced and flexible, yet easy-to-use, BPS tools on the market, and to combine these tools with sufficient training, technical support and services - and hopefully - this will help to minimize the overall building energy usage and to optimize the indoor climate.



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