Directions to the Stockholm office



leaf From Solna train station (Pendeltåg) - 0.7 km.

  • Make a right outside of the train station and pass under a viaduct. The underpass exits on to Råsundavägen in the proper direction.
  • Continue 700 metres. You fill find Råsundavägen 100 to your right.



leaf From Solna underground (Tunnelbana) - 0.5 km

  • Exit the station to the north (along the train from Stockholm). The exit is "Råsunda Östra Fotbollstadion".
  • Turn right out of the station entrance and then immediately left.
  • Turn left under Frösundaleden and take Solnavägen (to the left, around the corner of the football arena).
  • Walk 400 metres to a small square Stråket (with a Carl Milles sculpture!). Turn right onto Råsundavägen at the opposite side of the square. After 200 metres you find Råsundavägen 100 on your left.



leaf By car from Stockholm - 5 km

  • From Exit no 163 Trafikplats Karlberg continue 1.0 km and take Pampaslänken, then continue 1.5 km.
  • Keep straight till roundabout Ekelundsvägen and continue 260 metres.
  • Turn right to Armégatan and continue 290 metres.
  • Take Storgatan and continue 330 metres.
  • Turn right to Huvudstagatan and continue 0.5 km.
  • Keept straight after roundabout in Huvudstagatan and continue 270 metres.
  • Turn right and take exit to Frösundaleden and continue 250 metres.
  • Turn left to Solnavägen and continue 420 metres.
  • Turn right to Råsundavägen and continue 200 metres.
  • You will see Råsundavägen 100 to your left.



leaf By car from E4 from Arlanda airport or Uppsala

  • Exit E4 at Haga Norra towards Sundbyberg and Solna C. Haga Norra is about 1.5 km north of the inner city boundary. This puts you on to Råsundavägen.
  • Go 800 m west on Råsundavägen through two roundabouts.
  • Make a right immediately after passing over the railway lines and then immediately left. Funny enough, you are still on Råsundavägen.
  • Keep going for about 700 m.


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