Performance monitoring

Some things are hard to explain. If we tell you that we can save between 15-40% of the energy in a seemingly fine new office building, would you believe it? Well, it is true and we have plenty of proof to support this!

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The key is to attain a deep understanding of how the building really works using the signals from existing sensors. Most buildings have the needed sensors already installed as part of the automation system. It is just that few ever really tries to understand what is happening in the building. When you do, you find systems that run all year when they are only needed a small fraction of the time, systems that work against each other, setpoints that are design defaults, but obviously inappropriate to the current situation, etc.


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We have some special tools that make it easy for an expert to gain overview and focus on critical details in a short amount of time. However, these tools are useless if you do not understand how a building should work. This is where our expert knowledge comes in.


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