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EQUA offers professional building simulation and consultancy services to assist with your projects - even from early stages. We are engaged in a variety of projects including energy modeling for ASHRAE 90.1 (LEED and BREEAM), EU Green Building and national codes.

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Using the state-of-art building performance simulation tool IDA ICE we can test your building before it is even built. Things such as system selection, equipment sizing, control strategies and set-points can be easily optimized. Our staff all have extensive project experience in passive design, HVAC systems and controls on a diverse range of construction projects. They are fully capable of modelling innovative bespoke new energy efficient systems.


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We are confident that the combination of in-depth modeling skills, insight gained from performance monitoring and the flexibility of IDA ICE will bring the very best to your project.


Our clients include project developers, HVAC-designers, construction companies and facility managers.


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