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Are you a student doing a master thesis or a PhD, and are interested in using IDA ICE for your work? Then you can borrow a time-limited IDA ICE license for free. 
To request for a free license, please fill in the form. (*) required field.  

Important! In order to be successful in your student work it is very important, and a requirement, that you have access to technical support, either through your supervisor or someone else with good knowledge in IDA ICE.

- Your supervisor/support has to be in our user database, or have proven skills in IDA ICE.
- You cannot put yourself as supervisor/support.
- Non-completed forms will not be handled.
- We will try to get back to you within two weeks after your submission.

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Note! At the moment the form does not work with Hotmail or Gmail. If possible, please use another email address.


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