Comparison table


ESBO Light

Single room


Multiple rooms


Rectangular zone geometry


Arbitrary zone geometry


Zone multiplier


Whole-year simulation

Daylight calculation with Radiance™ (limited, full features in Daylight extension)        
Glazing calculation EN ISO 52022-3, EN 410 and ISO 15099        

Batch simulations


Case comparing reports


Surrounding shading objects

Balconies and other fixed shades on the facade        

3D building visualization


Input thermal bridges


Input ground heat transfer


Input system losses


Borehole models


Solar thermal collectors

PV collectors        
Wind generator        

Window opening

Painting 3d model with constructions, surface properties and window types         

Support via forum


Available as installation


Available as cloud service

BIM import       note1
Daylight       note1
VDI 2078       note1

  1 Extension can be purchased separately


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