ESBO vs. ESBO Light


Below are the main benefits with the full ESBO compared to ESBO Light.

For more details – check out the comparison table!

leaf More complex geometry

Models can be adapted to suit the geometry of a real project. Several rooms may be studied simultaneously and rooms may have any geometry, also (by CAD import) including complex roof shapes and non-vertical walls. A 3D view of all studied rooms together is available and properties can efficiently be assigned directly in this 3D view.



leaf Whole-building energy

Full ESBO has a number of features that are needed for a whole-building study, such as thermal bridges, shading elements around the building and on facades, ground heat losses, losses in pipe and duct systems etc.



leaf Case comparing reports

Multiple cases can be simulated with a single click and results are compared side by side in the same report.


leaf Renewable energy

Solar thermal, photovoltaic panels, wind mills and borehole heat exchangers are available.


leaf IDA ICE outputs

The full range of IDA ICE outputs are available, including PPD-index, CO2, humidity and daylight. More user-controllable settings are available.



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