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Do potential customers always understand the benefits of your products? If they do, then you can stop reading here! 

Show the real benefits of your products

Providing trustworthy evidence on the benefits of your products can be tricky. Numbers quoted in traditional sales material are often surrounded by drastic assumptions and simplifications. Customers may doubt that the dynamic reality of their building will match these numbers — and they may in fact be right. Showing how your product would actually perform in your customer’s building is much more effective and opens up completely new sales and marketing opportunities. This is where building performance simulation comes in. 

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A free tool for your customers

ESBO (Early Stage Building Optimization) is a new drag-and-drop tool for importing complex building products into a simulation model. It has an easy-to-use and intuitive interface while still using the sophisticated simulation engine found in IDA ICE. This allows you to demonstrate your products in a completely new way – making it the perfect tool for both your customers and your sales force.

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