IDAn nimipäivän virtaaliset aamukaffet - IDA's nameday online coffee

From September 14, 2020 08:15 until September 14, 2020 08:45
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IDA nimipäivä - Ida's nameday coffee

Juhlistetaan IDAn nimipäiviä virtuaalisella aamukahvilla, jossa kerrotaan IDA ICE 5.0 uusista ominaisuuksista ja demotaan optimointiominaisuuksia yksinkertaisen esimerkin avulla.

To celebrate Ida's nameday, Equa Finland keeps a short morning coffee session. Subject is the introduction of the new features of v5.0 Beta, among others:

  • PV modules (placement, inverter, production)
  • Daylight simulations (daylight autonomy, insolation, LEED v4-specific calculations)
  • New zone model (motivation, use cases, thermal comfort)
  • CFD (use cases, common mistakes)
  • Parallel parametric view.


Location: Online
Language: Finnish
Presenter: Mika Vuolle 


To take a part in the event, register here to the GoToWebinar  session or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..