Standard vs. Expert

IDA ICE is available in two different editions - Standard and Expert edition. The Standard edition is targeted to the novice and intermediate users, while the Expert edition is targeted to the more advanced building simulation professional.

Below are the main differences between the Standard and Expert editions.

For more details – check out the comparison table!


leaf Extension packages

IDA ICE can be extended with extension packages. The Standard edition includes no extension packages by default, while the Expert edition includes the following two extension packages:

4.5 new 3d look



leaf Advanced level

With the Expert edition, you can edit the automatically created schematic display of a simulation model (including systems). Using a large library of available components, you can also build your own air handling units, plants and control systems.


  4.5 new hvac system



leaf Version handling system

The Expert edition includes a version handling system – a productivity tool allowing you to keep track of changes between model versions and also to automatically rerun all cases that depend on a change. 



leaf Parallelization

With the Expert edition, you can take advantage of the fact that almost all new computers are equipped with multiple processor cores and are able to run several processes in parallel:

  • The simulation can be split into several shorter time segments which are simulated in parallel.
  • All cases that are presently open in the session can be simulated in parallel on several processes. This is a simple and efficient way to run a batch of cases.
  • Different versions are simulated in parallel on several processes (using the version handling system).
  • The Radiance™ daylight calculation
  • Start additional IDA ICE sessions from the file menu. In this way you can work on several sessions in parallel, both during modeling and during simulation.



leaf Productivity features

The Expert edition includes additional features, not available in the Standard edition, such as a full scripting language, case comparison functions, model difference listings, model searching, the Outline view, editable GUI forms and more.



leaf Development level

With the Expert edition, you get access to the IDA Simulation Environment. This allows you to write additional component models using the equation based Neutral Model Format. There is no need to be an expert in numerical methods; the equations are automatically solved for you.


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