The Boreholes extension allows you to predict the performance of large fields of interacting boreholes in a single simulation. The model handles both straight and slanted holes in homogeneous ground.

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Each individual hole (single or double U-pipe) is modelled using 2D cylindrical coordinates. By using superposition and mirroring techniques, the full 3D temperature field - with the correct thermal response in all timescales - can be computed and visualized in 3D.

By simultaneous (fully coupled) simulation the borehole field, plant as well as the building , it is possible to take realistic account of heat pump capacity and COP dependence on borehole return temperature. Control strategies can also be applied to keep the ground temperature at an optimal level for both heating and cooling. These critical effects cannot be studied by the commonly used approach of first calculating the load from the building and then applying it to a separate borehole model.

A simplified version of the borehole model, limited to a single hole, is distributed with the IDA ICE Standard edition. 


  • Available as extension for Expert edition
  • Requires IDA ICE version 4.6.1 (or higher)


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