Localization Estonia

Make it easier and more efficient to use IDA ICE for projects in selected regions by adding a localization package.Besides a translated user interface and regional locations and climate files, some localization packages also support regional building regulations and include tailored reports.

Estonian localization for IDA ICE allows for the creation of Energy certificate from the simulation results. The Estonian localization has now (On March 2019) been updated to match the 2019 given new legislation. The next version of the localization will also have an excel report of the most important input parameters and results, which then can filled with supplement information and added to the certificate as an annex.

The default language in IDA ICE is English, and it includes over 2 000 worldwide locations and over 3 000 climate files.


Region : Estonia
Languages : English
Locations and climate files : 4 / 4
Supported regulations :

Methodology for calculating the energy performance of buildings, Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications, Regulation No 58, In force from: 21.01.2019 https://www.riigiteataja.ee/akt/118012019012

Minimum requirements for energy performance of buildings, Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology, Regulation No 63, In force from: 01.01.2019

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