IDA Road Tunnel Ventilation

IDA Road Tunnel Ventilation calculates air pressure, flow rates and pollution concentrations in complex tunnel networks.

IDA Road Tunnel Ventilation (IDA RTV) is the road tunnel subset of the full suite IDA Tunnel. The program handles both longitudinally and transversally ventilated tunnels, with possible bi‐directional multi-lane traffic. A dynamic traffic model is available for realistic studies of congestion and traffic‐control scenarios.




The user enters a geometrical description of the tunnel, i.e. height coordinates and cross‐sectional areas along the length of each tunnel branch. Other input data cover ambient conditions (including portal wind pressure), traffic inflow, emission characteristics and coefficients of drag and friction. PIARC and similar emission tables are also included. Tables can be linearly combined and scaled with suitable age, weight and other factors.


Ventilation may be longitudinal or transversal, with airsupply and exhaust terminal devices distributed along thetunnel. For momentum jet fans the user specifies crosssectionalarea, efficiency and air velocity.


Mapping sections and platforms


Three road traffic models are available: standing, moving and dynamic. The dynamic traffic model is able to predict many of the phenomena associated with real traffic such as congestion, multi‐lane traffic, vehicle and slope dependent maximum speeds.



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