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Highlights in 1.2.1

leafMouse wheel support

Support of the mouse wheel makes it easier to scroll lists and to zoom graphical views.

leaf General improvements and bug fixes


Highlights in 1.2


Improved algorithms increase the simulation robustness and speed.

leafCompressed binary file format

The default option is now to save the entire IDA Tunnel project in one single binary file. This makes it easier to copy IDA Tunnel projects and to incorporate them in file handling systems.

leafNumerical debugging and performance

When the schematic is visible during simulation the slowest converging component is shown in red each time step. With this feature, problematic component models are more easily detected.

leaf Autosave

Your IDA Tunnel project is now automatically saved every 10 minutes, and before and after each simulation.

leaf Unicode

IDA now supports Unicode - names in, e.g., Mandarin can be handled.

 leaf Running multiple sessions

Start additional IDA Tunnel sessions from the file menu. In this way you can work on several sessions in parallel, both during modelling and during simulation.

leaf Tables

Support in tables for copy/paste of multiple cells.

leaf New objects

  • Trackway exhaust system in platform
  • New component (Selector), enables easy management of fans and dampers in multiple operating modes
  • New control objects
  • Optional tunnel height for calculating critical velocity

leaf General improvements and bug fixes


Highlights in 1.1


leafFaster simulations

Improved algorithms increase the simulation execution speed - in many cases simulations run up to 30 % faster.



leafVersion handling system

A version handling system keeps track of model changes and automatically reruns all cases that depend on a change. Differences between models are computed as scripts and results between cases are easily compared.



leafMore advanced paths and train routes

  • New procedure for defining route paths, and heating and cooling pipes.
  • New procedure for defining path reports.
  • Trains can now change the direction (at platforms only), and pass the same location several times.
  • Paths can now be edited.



leaf New climate file download center

A new download center makes it easy to select the weather files and design data that you need. More than 3 000 worldwide weather files are now available for direct download and use in IDA Tunnel.



leaf Diagram functions

New features in the visualization kit:

  • Carpet plots (color-coded variables) support pattern recognition.
  • More options for the duration diagram, e.g. display time over or under a certain limit.



leaf Improved energy calculation

  • Improved energy reports.
  • New energy categories added: heating and cooling.
  • New diagram showing all variables contributing to the energy report.



leaf Improved models

  • Calculation of heat from fans is now possible.
  • A heat exchanger model has been added.
  • Small improvements in several other models.



leaf Emissions and heat

  • PIARC 2012 emission tables have been added.
  • Heat emission from road traffic has been added.



leaf License improvements

  The Simulation Minute Tokens (found in previous IDA Tunnel versions) have been removed, allowing for unlimited simulation usage. Together with the new dormant license system (where the rental period can be paused, e.g. between projects), you can now make more efficient use of your IDA Tunnel license than before.



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