IDA ICE Basic Level - Online Training

From September 16, 2019 until September 25, 2019
+41 44 880 12 12
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IDA ICE Basic Level – Online Training

In this online training, consisting of 5 sequential Webinars (app. 2 hours each), you will get an introduction to the IDA ICE standard level. You will receive the course documentation and supporting movies prior to the webinars.

  • Lesson 1: Interior climate of a single zone
  • You are going to make your first evaluation of the indoor climate (or comfort) of a single room. This is an important part of many certification systems such as DGNB or Minergie.
  • Lesson 2: Power requirements for multiple zones
  • You are going to run a heating and cooling load calculation for several zones of a building. This is also an important part of most construction projects. This method often replaces simple load calculations according to local standards.
  • Lesson 3: Annual energy simulation of a whole building
  • You are going to run your first annual energy simulation for a multi-zone building. Energy calculations are required for all construction projects in order to verify compliance with legal requirements.
  • Lesson 4: Efficient and secure input options
  • You will learn how to set up a simulation project more efficiently and how to check the quality of the inputs. You will be asked to do an exercise that repeats the preceding topics as a homework at the end of this lesson.


A 3-month trial license of the full Expert version is included in the course!

Location: Online
Course costs: 500 EUR
Course language: English
Prerequisites: None

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