IDA ICE Intermediate - Online Training

From December 02, 2019 until December 11, 2019
+41 44 880 12 12
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IDA ICE Intermediate Level – Online Training

In this online training, consisting of 4 sequential Webinars (app. 2 hours each), you will get more detailed knowledge about different topics in ICA ICE. You will receive the course documentation prior to the webinars.

  • Lesson 1: Advanced geometry
  • You will learn different possibilites to model advanced geometry, for example wall parts and complex roofs
  • Lesson 2: Windows
  • You are going to model fixed and variable shading systems, e.g. balconies, surrounding buildings, window integrated shading, learn how the different window models work and other useful tasks around windows
  • Lesson 3: Heating and cooling
  • You get an introduction to the version handling system and compare different heating and cooling elements and how they affect the air and operative temperatur
  • Lesson 4: Variable air volume flows

You will get to know the different models for variable air volume flow systems and how they influence the indoor climate


Lesson 1: December 2, 2019, Time: 9am – 11am (CET)

Lesson 2: December 4, 2019, Time: 9am – 11am (CET)

Lesson 3: December 9, 2019, Time: 9am – 11am (CET)

Lesson 4: December 11, 2019, Time: 9am – 11am (CET)

Location: Online
Course costs: 400 EUR
Course language: English
Prerequisites: IDA ICE Basic level course

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Attention! The deadline is November 15, 2019.