IDA Tunnel

IDA Tunnel is a comprehensive road and rail tunnel ventilation and fire simulation software, used by leading tunnel design companies worldwide.

IDA Tunnel allows you to simulate road and rail tunnel design projects, including full range of ventilation and fire design tasks. You will be able to get computed results that can be animated in the context of a full 3D representation of the tunnel network.


Some of our customers:

  • ramboll 1 WSP 1 Sweco
  • norconsult 1 FVT mbh 1 Lechner Partner zt KEG
  • Arup 1 JohnHolland 1 staceyagnew
  • UGL 1 gruner 1 HBI
  • Pyry 1 SENER 1 typsa
  • Euroestudios 1 CSTB 1 Systra
  • Atkins 1 Metropolitana 1 Haskoning dhv

  • Novenco 1 Witteveen 1 AECOM
  • GANCOM 1 Tylin 2 1 Tylin 2 1


IDA Tunnel is used for:


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