University Training Packages

EQUA offers a series of IDA Indoor Climate and Energy (IDA ICE) training packages, targeted at universities teaching in e.g. energy systems, building physics, HVAC, and building performance.

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The offered packages include ready-made IDA ICE lectures and exercises, making it easy to get started quickly, even for educators with no prior experience in teaching IDA ICE.

There are three levels available: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Each level contains of several courses, and each course contains of several lesson modules. As the material is module based, it is possible to customize the content and tailor-make the training so that it fits both your course plan and your time schedule.

IDA ICE Educational Classroom and Department licenses are available for universities, allowing for both teaching and research purposes. Students can also utilize licenses on their own computers for e.g. home assignments and for thesis works.

Basic level

Course: Basic

  • Lesson 1: Indoor climate of a single zone
  • Lesson 2: Power demand for multiple zones
  • Lesson 3: Annual energy simulation of a whole building
  • Lesson 4: Get more experienced with IDA ICE

Intermediate level

Course: Ventilation

  • Lesson 1: Natural ventilation
  • Lesson 2: Variable air volume flows
  • Lesson 3: AHU templates

Course: Heating and cooling

  • Lesson 1: Room units
  • Lesson 2: ESBO plants (Early Stage Building Optimization)
  • Lesson 3: Ground heat pump

Course: Windows

  • Lesson 1: Detailed window model
  • Lesson 2: Different shading types and its models
  • Lesson 3: Ventilated glazing facades

Course: Geometry

  • Lesson 1: Advanced building geometry
  • Lesson 2: Sketchup import
  • Lesson 3: IFC and IDA ICE

Course: Room

  • Lesson 1: Variable air volume flows
  • Lesson 2: Room units
  • Lesson 3: Natural ventilation

Course: Building envelope

  • Lesson 1: Advanced building geometry
  • Lesson 2: Detailed window model
  • Lesson 3: Different shading types and its models

Advanced level

Course: Introduction to IDA ICE Advanced level

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to the advanced level
  • Lesson 2: 1D heat conduction through a wall
  • Lesson 3: Controls for window openings and shadings

Course: Control

  • Lecture 1: The most important IDA ICE control blocks and its parameters. Plus a lot of exercises

Course: Air handling units

  • Lesson 1:

Course: Plant modelling

  • Lesson 1: Stratified water storage tank
  • Lesson 2: Heating combining solar thermal with air heat pump
  • Lesson 3: Plant with operation control connected to a building


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